Decolan at Sicam 2016

14 September 2016

Sicam 2016 will be an incredible stage for Decolan, the leading supplier with more than 20 years of experience in the decorative design industry, who are willing to demonstrate its unique innovation capability and its constant desire to inspire interior designers with its expanding ranges of laminates and finishes.

Thanks to its partnership with Greenlam, one of the leading laminate manufacturers in the world and one of the most environmental-friendly company, Decolan is today a well-recognized trendsetter and a point of reference to all designer who are appreciating more and more its superior quality decorative panels, their stylish design and perfect finish, combined with an incredible attention to the smallest details and the highest level of service, which can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

At Sicam 2016 Decolan will exhibit its entire HPL (High Pressure Laminates) laminate range, a collection which is undergoing steady expansion to always provide higher quality, incredible durability and maximum versatility.

Among the products, visitors will for sure notice two of the most recent introductions into Decolan catalogues: MATERICA, which has been launch beginning of 2016 to inspire a return to nature not only through its warm looks but also thanks to its tactile characteristics; and INNOVATION, a modern and dynamic range, which provide a stylish urban look plus brilliant colors and unique finishes. As usual, both ranges have the Greenguard e Greenlabel certification.

But among all, Decolan will focus on the new finishes recently developed for the famous SYNCHRO4U range, which has been recently enlarged with new revolutionary surfaces and the most modern and trendy colors. As the name itself suggests, this laminate features a haptic emboss combined with a synchronized texture, resulting in a very authentic finish, very much similar to an authentic piece of wood.

Synchro4U is the first “embossed-in-register” HPL laminate where the grain texture precisely matches the surface finish allowing endless possibilities of horizontal and vertical application (i.e. pieces of furniture in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms but also special projects for shopfitting and contract sectors).

Decolan booth at Sicam: Pav. 6, Booth A9


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