Decolan honored with the “Product of the Year”

6 October 2016

The Swiss based leader in the decorative panel industry was chosen as the winner in the product category thanks to its stunning Decoflex 3D

Chiasso (CH), October 5th 2016 Decolan, Swiss based leading supplier with more than 20 years of experience in the decorative design industry, was honored with an important award during the “NAS Design Partnership Awards 2016” ceremony, which took place in London on September 15th.

The NAS Design Partnership Award is a premier award which recognizes excellence in interior design and shopfitting contracting with emphasis on rewarding the special partnership between designer/architect and contractor that shopfitting demands.

The NAS is a UK based National Association of Shopfitters, Decolan has partnered with being a key supplier for the shopfitting and interior contracting sector. The judges, representing interior designers, architects and contractors, were looking for suitability of the design for its location, purpose and overall budget; strength of partnership between designers and Shopfitters; choice of materials; creativity and originality in interpreting the design brief and overcoming site conditions; special design features of functional or decorative relevance; quality of fit-out and project management.

The PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award is given to the most impressive product in the industry. This year the judges were looking for innovation as well as practicality and found in Decolan’s DECOFLEX3D the best product in its category, thanks to its stunning aesthetic impact and incredible light weight.

Being a thermoplastic laminate that can be designed into anything the client needs, makes DECOFLEX3D the ideal solution to dramatically change the interior design of restaurants, bars, shops and any kind of wall or ceiling that need to be restructured or space to be refitted.

DECOFLEX3D gets heated up and then molded into a set design chosen or a custom-made 3D structure that the client has specifically requested, and it can also be customized with any colour. These panels are suitable for walls, ceilings, backsplashes, furniture, display fixture, and many other interior applications. Hundreds of designs and colour combinations are possible and all of them have impact, chemical, abrasion, U.V., stain and fire properties.

While giving the award to Decolan, during the “NAS Design Partnership Awards 2016” ceremony, the judges explained that: “Decolan, and particularly DECOFLEX3D, have shown that 3D printing clearly has a huge potential to change the way we make almost everything. This stunning product has demonstrated that it can really make a revolution in the interior designing and that he can easily and quickly change the look and the feeling of any room with an amazing impact”.

The “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” award was handed to Tony Tyler, Trish Herman, Eion Hennessy, from Decolan’s UK branch office.


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