15 June 2017

Flexible, waterproof and extremely light, this surface is ideal for interiors and exteriors
Chiasso (CH), 10 Febbraio 2017 – Among the most innovative products developed by Decolan, the Swiss based company which has been the leading supplier of HPL and other decorative surfaces for over 20 years, the most amazing one is probably DECOSTONE, a real split stone only 1.5 mm thick, capturing a natural array of patterns and colors, making each sheet a masterpiece.

DECOSTONE sheets originate from real blocks of slate and quartzite and they are both extremely thin and light, weighing just 1.5 kg per m² and thus allowing a real stone finish to applications that would be nearly impossible with traditional stones. Besides this, DECOSTONE is incredibly practical, easy to install and flexible, thanks to polyester resin and fiberglass applied to the back of each sheet.

DECOSTONE represents an authentic revolution in the interior design sector: the combination between the natural feeling of this real stone veneer and the great flexibility (typical of a laminate) ensures the unique opportunity of fitting this product even to curved surfaces, such as pillars, walls, furniture, ship and yacht interiors, picture frames, fountains, flower boxes, gates, panels for flat-screen TV sets, electrical wall sockets and backlit panels.

Its natural surface, shimmering colors and unique finishes make DECOSTONE an elegant decor of extraordinary effect. Even if it’s made up of real stone, and consequently being a porous surface, Decolan succeeded in making it 100% waterproof thanks to a special coating applied on the external surface, so that it can even be used in the most wet places like kitchens, bathrooms and on yachts.

But one of its most distinguishing feature is for sure resistance, as Giovanni Iurza, Decolan’s CEO explained: “Thanks to fiberglass, DECOSTONE provides a unique flexibility and durability, even in exterior applications. Moreover this rock veneer is waterproof, fire-retardant and environmentally friendly: all of these features make DECOSTONE an extremely hard wearing and sturdy product, but in the meantime, it gives a world-class finish and an eye catching result to any room. Thanks to its versatility, DECOSTONE is suitable for infinite possible applications, thus becoming an unbeatable choice both for commercial and domestic uses”.

DECOSTONE is supplied in 1220 x 610mm sheets (larger sheets available upon request) and it’s available in 16 different colors, each one with its own unique beauty in look and texture. With no two sheets ever the same, DECOSTONE is the perfect choice when designers want to convey elegance, luxury and high value sensations.

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